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    Top Quality Coating & Paint Sealants, Nanolex Malaysia!

    We are proud to be the Malaysia sole distributor of these quality car care products. All Nanolex products are designed and manufactured in Germany by Nano Surface Solutions under strict quality control to ensure the top quality consistency. All products are made and shipped directly from Germany. Our company headquarter is located in the “Nano-Heartland” - the German state Saarland. Nanolex offers you the wide range of quality car care products to protect your car. Nanolex uses latest nanotechnology coatings and sealants to protect and boost the surfaces including Matte paint finishing. Based on the "Sol-Gel" system, Nanolex products bond to the surface not only give excellent durability but also however also make future cleaning a much easier task. Nanolex was Founded in 2007 as a wholesale car care products distributor. Our Ceramic coatings and products are used by professional detailers over 35 countries globally and has its 9H hardness certified by SGS. Nanolex quickly spread across Europe and then throughout the world. Nanolex retailers and wholesale distributors are located from the United States to South Korea and Australia.

  • A1

    High quality sealants and coatings suitable for glass,
    paint and alloy surfaces provides super slickness and
    high glossy appearance.

  • A2

    Fabric and leather water proof protection

  • A3

    Superhydrophobic effect thanks to nanotechnology

  • A4

    Innovative nanotechnological design relies on lotus effect

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    Auto cleaning and environmental friendly

  • A6

    Trusted and widely used by professional detailers
    around the globe

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Nanolex Car Care
Your trusted source of the world renowned high-performing, low-maintenance sealant from Germany. Nanolex products are able to deliver long-lasting and effective impact any surface due to the distinct “Sol-Gel” system used in processing our sealants.

Nanolex Si3D Coating

It offers a range of products specifically developed and designed to fulfill the highest demands and ...

Nanolex Si3D HD Coating

Structured on the framework of the unique Nanolex Si3D Coating technology ...

Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant

The non-plus-ultra coating system for automotive glass surfaces.

Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo

Clean and protect your car in a single, easy step.


Nanolex Premium Textile and Leather Sealant

High tech textile coating that forms an extremely long lasting water and oil repellent barrier...

Nanolex Matte Paint Sealant

The spray sealant is extremely easy to use across matte paints, surfaces as well as vinyls keeping ...

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